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1) What amount of money are you prepared to invest in a business of your own?

2) Will you be able to devote your full time to the management of a business?

3) Do you want to own your own club as an active or passive investor?

4) Does your spouse support your desire to start your own sportsmen's club as your full time occupation?

5) Are you willing to open your office in a commercial location to operate your business?

6) How long are you prepared to go without any salary from your business while you build it?

7) Will you have a partner other than your spouse (if applicable)?

8) What level of education do you currently have?

9) Do you have any handicaps which would impede your ability to build, own and manage your own business?

10a) Will you travel to AWA's Kansas City headquarters initially to discuss the opportunity structure in detail?

10b) If we mutually agree to moving forward, will you participate in additional scheduled training at headquarters?

11) When can you be ready to start your own club?



12) In which State and County would you want to locate your business office?



13) If the area you want is not available, what would your second and third choices be?






14) Number of years experience you have in each of the following:

Business Ownership:





Low Level Management:

Mid Level Management:

High Level Management:

15) How do you grade yourself on the following?


Letter Writing:

Oral Communications:


People Skills:


Financial Management:

Decision Making:





Public Speaking:


Computer Skills:


16) Please put these 11 common reasons in order by how important they are to you. 1 being the most important reason for starting a club and 11 being the least important. Just type 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, or 11 in each box. You must type each number exactly one time. IE: You cannot have two 4's, or two 1's, or zero 5's, etc...

A) Money

B) Independence

C) Have something to do

D) Opportunity

E) Build value and equity

F) Create a family business to pass on

G) For the challenge

H) Control your own destiny

I) Have unlimited places to hunt

J) Enjoyment

K) Be outdoors more often

17a) Have you ever been convicted of a felony?

17b) If so, please explain:

18) Are you a hunter?

19) How much annual income will you need to make from your business to maintain your current lifestyle?

20) How many hours a week are you willing to work to build your business?

21) What is your current state of physical health?

22) What is your current state of mental health?

23) If you don't start your own sportsmen's club, what will you do instead?

24) In less than 25 words how do you think other people would describe you?

25) If you have not yet submitted a resume please describe your occupation(s) for the past FIVE years?

26) How did you hear about us?

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