AWA (American Wildlife Association, Inc.) was founded by Daryl Traylor. Daryl also founded Hunting Sports Plus in 1989, which was the first AWA club in Missouri. Daryl brings many years of experience and he truly cares about the people who enter into this business. He has a true passion for watching others succeed and watch their dreams come true through hard work and drive.

AWA was created to provide training and guidance to 300+ independently owned and operated AWA clubs throughout the United States. AWA is a unique hunting business opportunity and each AWA club owner has the advantage making a lucrative lifestyle from this opportunity. As an AWA club owner, you will receive the BEST training, you will be guided by experienced mentors and you will be in a exclusive group of individuals who share the same vision as yourself.


Teach. Inspire. Mentor. Create Opportunity.
•300 member club owners established by 2017
•Average 1000 members each
•Each club average $1.5 million annual sales
•Total 300,000 members
•Each club leases an average of 100 acres per member
•Each club averages leasing 100,000 acres


You are not in business by yourself, but for yourself.
AWA does not franchise or license AWA clubs.
AWA allows you, the club owners, to choose your own club name, your logos, where your office is located, what signs you choose to display, where you will place your office, your hours or methods of operation, pricing, etc.

AWA club owners are given a large amount of freedom. Owners are not left on their own to figure out the best way run their business. Industry mentors will be there to guide you, and show you the ropes of the business. AWA is here to watch you succeed with this hunting business opportunity.


Camping-The way it is now

Sharing a campground with a bunch of drunk, stoned, or rowdy strangers is not a pleasant camping experience. Your closeness in campgrounds exposes you to noises you really don't want to listen to, and neighbors you would rather not be around, who have just as much right as you do, to be there.


Reserve your exclusive personal use of a private farm where just you and your family can spend a day or weekend camping by a forgotten farm pond, fishing by yourselves.

Fishing-The way it is now

You can't enjoy fishing at public areas without strangers, boats, and wave runners. People always want to move in on top of your hot spot when they see you catching fish. If you manage to catch a keeper, you're lucky because many of the keepers have already been caught and kept by those before you.

Most public areas have been over fished for years, and the restocking programs take years to replace the large fish which were harvested by the thousands before you. Farm ponds are rarely available unless you know lots of farmers, and most people aren't that fortunate.

Fishing- THE AWA WAY

Our members fish for relaxation or the thrill of catching and releasing trophy fish. Membership enables you to enjoy your fishing quietly, without strangers or crowds around you; most of the time you will have a complete body of water all to yourself.

You'll find large fish plentiful and easily caught. You won't have the tranquility of your day interrupted by gas engine powered boats or watercraft zooming by. Whether your choice is a farm pond, irrigation reservoir, stream, private lake, or strip pit, you'll always be able to have a place all to yourself, which is a privilege you can't expect at public fishing areas.

Hunting-The way it is now

Most hunters living in urban areas have very few country connections, if any. Their fathers might have been acquainted with a few farmers, and their grandfathers probably had all the land they wanted to hunt on.

Farmers in the past were more receptive to letting strangers hunt on their land, and after too many years of hunters abusing the land, damaging the improvements and equipment, taking advantage of permission privileges, litigation over liability, etc. farmers have digressed from such leniency. This has left city dwellers without places to hunt.

The alternatives: spend your days knocking on doors trying to find an agreeable landowner, who usually gives everyone else permission too, or lease your own property. This can be costly and provides more restrictions in regards to upkeep of the land. Public areas are frequented by uncontrolled numbers, types of strangers, and most hunters don't feel comfortable taking their spouse and kids into the public areas to encounter unknown dangers.

The days are gone when there are unlimited amounts of farm land available to hunters from metropolitan areas. Many people feel unsafe entering public woods knowing there may be armed crazies, normal people who may be under the influence of alcohol or drugs, or fear of an honest mistake.

Hunting- THE AWA WAY

It's a different world. You reserve a farm in advance, for your exclusive use, you and your guests or family will be the only ones there. You will also know the type of game reported to be on the land. You can rest assured knowing you are the only hunters on the property.